In the end




And at the end .
I am relieved , fascinated , and destroyed.
out of my chest a giant bird flees .
uncontaminated by the validation
Off to distant lands , and new horizons
Fly away , fly away, my black friend.
Take with you all the malice , worry, and spite .
Leaving me sacred to be filled with light .


Crawling out of my skin. So let the circus begin.
Always and forever, when does it end?
Thoughts cross change and interweave, misperceive, Its all disbelief.
Emotions like beasts, driving, Writhing, striving in misconstrued support.
I see and I know but, always taken along by the show.
Standing in indignation of self.

Flightless bird

Plumes of hyper mediocrity bloom as if spring where upon us.
The weaving of time in looms gone by; I see, I want, I need.
To taste, to feel, to hear, to feed, Oh to be heard.
Lying there like some large flightless bird I flail and grasp for you.
As I sit and wait in bogs of light temperate chewing on sweet gale
Like some old wives tale I think of you.